Interior Ministry issues travel, safety tips ahead of Eid break
June 30 2016 09:18 PM
Eid shopping crowd


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued safety tips in view of the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the upcoming Eid holidays.

The advisories, available on the MoI’s Facebook page, pertain to general safety measures as well as tips for those travelling by air.

In addition, the ministry has advised people on how to prevent burglaries at home.

General safety measures at the end of the holy month

With Eid just a few days away, souqs and shopping complexes in the country will be busy and crowded with shoppers.

As all members of the family are expected to go shopping during this period, it is necessary that people keep the following points in mind:

• Home safety - As family members may spend a lot of time outside the house, they should make sure that gas burners and electrical devices are switched off before leaving home.

• Children’s safety - Parents must ensure the safety of children while going out for shopping and should not let them cross the roads alone.

Besides, they must not leave kids unattended while shopping.

• Proper parking - Some motorists resort to wrong and random parking near souqs and shopping complexes, which further impedes traffic or blocks other vehicles.

Some also park in slots reserved for people with special needs, thereby ignoring their rights.

Proper parking and respecting others’ rights will ensure smooth traffic flow for all.

• Online shopping - Those shopping on the Internet have been advised to ensure that the portal they visit for making purchases is verified and secure.

They should not become victims of credit card data theft and other fraudulent online activities.

If one comes across any suspicious websites, s/he should report it to [email protected]

Tips for those travelling by air

As many Qatari citizens and residents are expected to fly abroad to spend the Eid al-Fitr holidays, the MoI has provided some tips for a safe and secure journey:

• People should ensure that they carry all necessary travel documents, including tickets, passport and visa for the final destination, and also ensure their validity.

• Travellers should head for the airport early in anticipation of traffic congestion so that they can avoid any delays and missing their flight.

• Passengers can avoid standing in queues while waiting for check-in at the airport.

They can do so by checking in online and taking advantage of express baggage counters.

• They should check the baggage weight before starting from home to avoid delays and save money on excess baggage.

• Travellers can reduce the waiting time in front of passport control points, while leaving the country or returning, by activating the e-gate system on the smart ID or residence card.

• They must not accept any baggage and other objects from unknown persons as it may contain illegal items.

• Travellers should make sure, before leaving home, that their luggage does not contain any banned item in order to avoid getting into trouble at the airport.

Vigilance will keep burglars away from home

Burglary or breaking in is sometimes a crime of opportunity, wherein the offenders exploit negligence on the part of occupants or their absence from houses for long trips or other reasons.

The ministry has offered some tips in this regard:

• The sense of security that prevails in the country prompts some people not to pay much attention to securing their houses by locking the doors and windows properly at all times and while going out, the MoI has observed, stressing that people should ensure that all entry points to a house are secure.

• Installing CCTV cameras, motion sensing security systems and other alarm systems such as electronic doors are good ways of ensuring house security.

However, people should remember that these are not enough unless they are vigilant.

• In some cases, over-trusting house workers may also be a cause of thefts in houses.

So, it’s better not to keep valuable items and large sums of money in places that are easily accessible to others.

Also, people should remember not to employ workers who violating the residency law, such as those absconding, illegal workers or those not under one’s sponsorship.

• People should be vigilant about any suspicious persons near their house or apartment and report any suspicious activity to the police.

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