The new Ministry of Interior (MoI) headquarters (HQ) in Doha’s Wadi Al Sail area meets the requirements of police work through advanced communication systems and security services, allowing decision-makers to swiftly and easily deal with various developments, issues and crises through the operations room, the MoI has said.
The ministry’s new premises were inaugurated by HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani on Sunday. HH the Emir was accompanied by HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani and several ministers and senior officials of the MoI.
The new HQ is characterised by an attractive work environment that facilitates easy movement for the MoI’s employees, the ministry has stressed in a statement on its website. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technical systems and also features recreational spaces such as a health club, swimming pool and two sports lounges for the purpose of providing a pleasant work environment, especially for personnel whose presence is required round the clock.
Describing the building as “integrated security architecture”, the ministry said its design was compatible with a vision that combined Islamic, modern and classic architecture – further adding to the aesthetics of Doha city.
The new HQ premises are spread over 100,000sqm and consist of three buildings with a total floor area of 245,000sqm. The built-up area comprises 32.8% of the total premises while the rest is made up of green surfaces, roads and other facilities, according to the statement.
The first (main) building includes two basement levels and one lower ground level with a parking capacity of 1,500 vehicles. The ground floor houses four main halls, meeting rooms and the Police Museum, which features a variety of collectibles related to security matters - reflecting the history and growth of the ministry and its stages of development.
The building also includes an operations room with an area of 400sqm as well as seven upper floors, the second and third of which accommodate a number of ministry departments.
The second building also includes two basement levels and a lower ground level for parking. The ground floor houses the main conference room, a theatre with a 460-seat capacity as well as club and gym facilities, while the first floor includes the main library of the ministry with important reference books, in addition to a hotel, according to the ministry’s statement. A number of MoI departments are located on the second, third and fourth floors, while the fifth floor is reserved for the Ministry of Interior Radio, which is being developed.
The third building has a multi-storeyed parking facility for 341 vehicles - a basement and ground floor - plus three upper floors for the MoI’s Human Resources Department.
In order to facilitate entry and exit, the premises have six entrances: three each at the front and back. The first of these is the main entrance (VIP entrance), which is on the eastern side in the direction of Wadi Al Sail. One entrance and exit each are reserved for MoI staff on the northern and southern sides, while the northwest entrance is meant for visitors.
Taking into account the MoI’s links with various entities and sectors in the country, and to ensure smooth entry and exit for all to deliver or receive correspondence or communication, the buildings have been equipped with 47 elevators that will facilitate easy movement between the floors without any hassles, the statement adds.
The MoI has also pointed out that the new HQ will consume less electricity and is equipped with advanced lighting, HVAC and insulation technologies. The different buildings within the HQ are also characterised by high standards of safety and security as they feature the latest integrated early warning and fire control systems and also have giant water pumps to deal with emergencies.