Approval process for camel racing equipment simplified
May 10 2016 12:20 AM
The CRA has issued an updated version of the Class Licence for camel racing equipment.

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has issued an updated version of the Class Licence for camel racing equipment, streamlining the approval process for its installation, operation and use, ahead of the camel racing season in Qatar.
The Class Licence enables any person to possess, instal and operate camel racing equipment without that person having to apply for a licence provided the licensee complies with the terms and conditions, operates the device within the authorised frequency bands and ensures that the camel racing equipment is type approved by CRA. Under this Class Licence, there are no licence or spectrum fees.
“CRA enables the development of a digital society and ensures the availability of smart, innovative and high-quality services to improve customer experiences in the sector,” said Faisal al-Shuaibi, CRA spokesperson.
Pointing out that camel racing is an important cultural heritage of Qatar and the CRA encourages continuing this tradition, the official explained that the issuance of the Class Licence, before the camel racing season starts in September, would make it easier for applicants to understand the requirements for the use and operation of camel racing equipment.
The type approved camel racing equipment is restricted to handheld devices with low power transmission used by the camel owners, and earpieces installed on the camels, enabling one-way communication to control the speed of the camel and its movement during various stages of the race.
Any entity or person wanting to import camel racing equipment for commercial purposes still needs to obtain type approval from CRA, comply with stipulations and measures prescribed in the Type Approval and also obtain CRA authorisation for dealing in telecommunications equipment.
The CRA, established by virtue of Emiri Decree 42 in 2014, regulates the communications AND information technology sector, postal services and access to digital media. CRA uses its regulatory powers mandated by the Emiri decree to protect consumer rights, ensure competition, manage the resolution of disputes and manage the electromagnetic spectrum.
In all its activities, the CRA seeks to ensure the provision of advanced, innovative and reliable ICT and postal services across Qatar.

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