Some 40 educational institutions from 10 countries are participating in the two-day Global Education Fair which opened on Monday at the Intercontinental Doha The City.
High school and university students who want to study abroad will have the opportunity to speak with directors, representatives, and teachers from these institutions at the fair.
“There are lot of great opportunities for people to not only know the institutions but to get information that can help them,” BMI president and CEO Samir Zaveri told Gulf Times.
He said they are expecting students from nine more schools on Tuesday to visit the fair, a bi-annual event held in April and October.
“October was a huge success we actually had doubled the number of visitors in Doha (more than 3,000) than what we had in Dubai (around 1,700) so it was a big surprise, we were not expecting that,” he noted.

Canada and the US are among the popular countries for students in Qatar.

This can be attributed to Qatar government’s support and encouragement in getting the best possible education for its people especially young citizens, according to Zaveri.
BMI had observed that engineering, business, masters in business administration, hospitality and tourism, and language courses are some of the most popular programmes taken by students in Qatar.
“Engineering is a very well paid profession, there is a lot of job demand, it is easy to get a job in that sector. Same with travel and hospitality, there is an increasing number of hotels here in the Gulf,” the BMI official added. “A lot of interest in language courses especially in English and French.”
Like Qatar, these programmes and courses are also popular in other parts of the world such as South America, he said, citing the outcome of their fair in Brazil recently.
Programmes for working professionals and managers who want to enhance their skills and seek promotion opportunities are also offered by a Qatar-based training centre at the fair.
Zaveri said they also host a number of national organisations that provide information about education system of a particular country and student visa application process.
These organisations hold a series of seminars, which give students a background of the host country, choosing the right course, and advantages and opportunities in studying abroad, among others.
While the US and Canada are among the most popular destinations for students in Qatar, they are also looking at a wide range of countries, including France, he noted.
“We have a very big French group here and there has been a lot of interest in France as well,” Zaveri said.
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