Strong winds are expected in parts of the country on Tuesday along with dusty conditions and a chance of scattered rain, the Qatar Met department has said.

Offshore areas, too, are likely to experience strong winds and high seas on Tuesday, according to the weather report.

Southeasterly-southwesterly winds blowing at 5-12 knots are expected at first, followed by northwesterly winds with speeds of 10-20 knots in some places later during the day, going up to 25 knots.

In offshore areas, southeasterly-northeasterly winds will blow at 12-22 knots, dropping to 5-15 knots by the afternoon. Northwesterly winds with speeds of 12-22 knots are likely by late in the night.

The forecast also states that inshore areas will see partly cloudy to cloudy conditions (at times) and there is a chance of scattered rain in some places as well as slight to blowing dust.

The sea level may rise to 7ft during the day and offshore areas are also likely to see partly cloudy to cloudy conditions. There is a chance of scattered rain as well.

The minimum and maximum temperatures in the country on Tuesday are expected to be 22C and 35C, respectively, with the forecast for Doha being 24C and 32C.

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