A Sri Lankan expatriate has been jailed for 10 years and fined QR10,000 for illicit drug dealing and consumption.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported on Friday that a Doha Criminal Court also ordered his deportation upon serving the sentence.
The convict was arrested when an undercover police officer approached him to buy some marijuana. They agreed to meet at a certain spot to finalise the deal.
When they met, police patrols were watching from a hidden place, and the undercover officer asked him for the drugs. The convict gave him a piece of marijuana wrapped in paper.
The officer unwrapped it to make sure that he got the targeted substance and then handed him the agreed sum of money. At this point, the police patrol arrested the convict.
A lab test of his blood sample also confirmed that he had traces of the illicit drugs.
However, the convict appealed the verdict, claiming that he knew nothing about the seized substances.
The court eventually rejected his appeal based on his previous confession at the police investigations and the testimony of the police officers.
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