MoI completes more than 53mn transactions in 2015
February 07 2016 09:05 PM
Reach of MoI services
Reach of MoI services


More than 53mn transactions were completed by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in 2015, highlighting the efficiency of its services, according to an official report.

The total number of transactions were 53,298,980, amounting to a monthly average of 4,441,582 and a daily average of 148,053 transactions.

The average number of completed transactions every hour was 6,159 with 103 transactions every minute. The MoI also provided 3,900 services for the elderly people and persons with special needs during last year.

The MoI provides over 120 e-services. There are about 18 MoI service centres across the country, offering various services of the ministry.

During 2015 there was 25% growth in the services through self-service kiosks, MoI web portal and Hukoomi website. There has also been 24% increase in the number of individual subscription to Metrash2 portal as well as 14% increase in company subscription. The total number of transactions made through Metrash2 has reached 1,276,326.

The MoI services include immigration, traffic, criminal evidence and information and nationality and travel documents. The MoI highlighted that the customer satisfaction level of the services at its centres ranges between 86-93%, as per official surveys.

The percentage of transactions made through service headquarters showed a decrease in 2015 which, according to the MoI officials, is a direct outcome and success of the decentralisation of the services.

The ministry launched a number of e-services and projects such as the new Residency System, Security Coverage of Commercial Streets and other electronic services last year. There are a number of ongoing projects, such as developing the new website of the ministry, paperless transactions project, “Talaa” Smart Traffic Camera project and renovating company registration.

As for its social media activities, there was 80% increase in the number of social media activists who engaged with the MoI through the digital media. The online campaigns held on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in six languages amounted to 65 campaigns. It reached almost 17mn people, in addition to the 518,851 engagements including likes, shares, retweets and comments.

The ministry held about 1,447 community programmes in 2015, including meetings, visits and discussion sessions on different topics and issues to make closer relation between ministry and different segments of the society.

Many educative and awareness programmes on safety and security measures and fight against crimes were also held. Awareness lectures were held with the public and private sectors and in expatriate gatherings in different languages such Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam and Nepali.

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