The ongoing Good Old Days Exhibition, hosted by Katara - the Cultural Village Foundation and featuring the works of Qatari artist Hassan Boujassoum, features 26 paintings that depict Qatari traditions and the lives of ancestors.
The exhibition is being held at Building 22.
At the exhibition, visitors can enjoy a sense of nostalgia as they are transported back “to the time of ancestors and the authentic values that have shaped the Qatari personality, which are reflected through the creations on display, according to a statement.
Boujassoum said he tried - through the exhibition - to revive the history of the grandfathers and share it with the emerging generation. Boujassoum thanked the Cultural Village Foundation for the support extended to the exhibition.  
Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said Boujassoum excelled at highlighting the Qatari heritage. “He gives us the impression that we are watching a documentary on the lives of our grandfathers during that era of Qatari society. Launching this exhibition is an integral part of Katara’s strategy to encourage Qatari artists and boost ties with children and grandchildren.”  
Katara has previously hosted exhibitions featuring the works of Qatari artists such as Nawal al-Manaai, Hassan al-Mulla, Essa al-Mulla, Fatima al-Shibbani, Amira al-Aji, Abdulaziz al-Sadiq and Mariam al-Saddah.
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