Qatargas’ Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery Project achieves key safety milestone
February 25 2014 10:30 PM

A view of Qatargas’ Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery (JBOG) Project.

Qatargas’ Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery (JBOG) Project recently achieved a milestone by clocking 20mn man hours without a single lost time incident (LTI).

The project also had the distinction of achieving ‘zero’ LTIs spread over three years. 

Qatargas, which produces 42mn tonnes of LNG a year, has a vision to set the global standard for safety, health and environment performance. In line with Qatargas’ mission to maintain the highest safety and health standards, the JBOG Project Management Team has made the safety of its workers the number-one priority of the project. 

Supported by its main contractors, Fluor, Qcon and Qatar Kentz, the project leaders have devised, implemented and continuously improved several key behavioural and construction safety programmes for its peak workforce of around 3,500 workers. 

The project has created an ‘Incident and injury free’ culture, which trains and encourages its people to stop work if it is unsafe. Workers must consider their personal safety, and that of their fellow workers, as their number-one priority.  The JBOG Project has implemented 12 golden rules for safety. These include the Qatargas Life Saving Rules. All workers are trained to recognise the importance of complete and unqualified compliance with these golden rules. 

The project management team members visit the site daily to monitor and assess the quality of daily safety task assessments. This critical programme is designed to raise the quality of the safety dialogue between the workers’ crews and their supervisors.  The Qatargas JBOG Project Leadership Team pays serious and continuous attention to the welfare of the project’s workers. 

The quality of boarding, lodging, transport and health facilities for the workers have been continuously improved and enhanced to provide the workers with safe, comfortable and enjoyable living conditions.

Qatargas chief operating officer, Engineering and Ventures, Sheikh Khalid bin Abdulla al-Thani, said he was extremely happy to see the JBOG Project fulfill the mission of Qatargas by producing outstanding results in the quest to keep people and property safe.  Sheikh Khalid attributed this success to the project’s “compliance culture”, which pays full attention to understanding and implementing all relevant procedures.

He believes that the project’s weekly audit of 100% of its open permits has not only raised awareness about permit compliance, but has also strengthened safe working procedures on the project.

Sheikh Khalid congratulated the JBOG Project Management Team and all its contractors on achieving this success and called upon them to continue their safe working record until the last day of the project.

Qatargas JBOG Project manager Bashir Mirza expressed “delight and pride” to be part of a project team, which has united under the banner of “Everybody goes home safe”. 

Mirza thanked Qcon, Qatar Kentz, Medgulf, Teyseer, Draieh, Shaqab Abela, G4S and other JBOG contractors on forming a unified and consistent approach to safe working.  He urged all the people on JBOG to continue their vigilance and commitment to ensure that the project maintained a ‘Goal Zero’ mentality, to keep people safe always.



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