Plots of land provided for returning livestock
June 19 2017 10:26 PM
A herd of camels rest after being brought back from Saudi Arabia.


The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has allocated temporary plots of land for more than 7,000 camels and 5,000 goats and sheep brought back from Saudi Arabia. Sadly, as many as 100 baby camels died while crossing the border, as they had to walk 400km in 48-degree heat.
The MEC explained in a statement that the entities concerned in the country have also supplied the temporary shelter area with the necessary number of water tankers. Officials at the MME's livestock department is currently counting the numbers of camels that have already been brought back from Saudi Arabia and those expected to arrive soon so as to provide them with adequate supply of fodder. 

A herd of camels near a water tanker.

The Protection, Protectorates, and Wildlife Department's director Omar Salim al-Nuaimi pointed out that the MME has notified all the owners of such camels through the media about the allocation of land plots at South Kassarat Al Nakhsh, where they could shelter their herds temporarily as new locations would be allocated soon.

The MME has also designated phone numbers to answer any inquiries or questions by the public in this regard. Already, a considerable number of calls have been received and the teams concerned conveyed the specific locations assigned to them.
Al Sheehaniyah Municipality director Mohamed Saif al-Hajiri said a specialised team of technicians, drivers, vehicles, and the necessary equipment have been formed to offer the necessary help to the herd owners at the new location. The municipality also distributed the necessary fodder to the owners of herds at the new location and provided them with new fodder selling points nearby. 
Al-Hajri stressed that the municipality welcomes any related remarks, questions or inquiries on 55560560, and 44265350 round-the-clock. 
The MME's Livestock Department director Farhoud al-Hajiri said it is currently keeping a count of all the camels and other livestock brought back from Saudi Arabia to provide them with the necessary fodder as soon as possible.

*More than 7,000 camels and 5,000 goats and sheep brought back from Saudi Arabia

*As many as 100 baby camels died as they had to walk 400km in 48-degree heat to cross the border

*Temporary shelters, fodder and water provided to the animals

*Call 55560560 and 44265350 round-the-clock for matters related to returning camels

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