Doha to host Forum for Deaf Muslims
November 07 2013 03:51 AM




Doha will host first International Forum for Deaf Muslims on November 11-13 under the auspices of HE the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Dr Hamad bin Abdul Aziz al-Kuwari told a press conference yesterday.

The three-day forum will be organised by Qatar Cultural and Social Centre for Deaf in co-operation with the Global Deaf Muslim and with the participation of 48 countries, he said.

The forum will be held in St Regency Hotel (Al-Qassar Hall). Its agenda will include 33 work papers, four of them from Qatar.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Culture (Bait Al-Hikma), Director of Youth Centres Department and head of the organising committee Abdulrazaq al-Kuwari said that the significant role played by such forums in raising people’s awareness and integrating deaf people in the society has encouraged the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, represented by Qatar Cultural and Social Centre for Deaf, to organise this forum in order to convey and bring closer the various cultures of the participating countries and shed light on the various issues of deaf people.

He said the forum would represent a good opportunity to introduce the sign language dictionary produced by Qatar Cultural and Social Centre for Deaf as well as the initiatives that the centre carried out to support deaf people in Qatar and abroad.

Al-Kuwari further said that the forum would also give chance to this category of people to express their views and talk about their situation and will contribute to develop their different skills.

He also said that the supreme committee and the other organising parties, which will work under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage were keen to choose the work papers that include important research and experiments to be presented by deaf researchers of both genders to take advantage from them and convey to the attendees in the forum these cultural standards.

Moreover, the supreme committee has chosen a group of people to work in the different committees to provide all the requirements and needs and ensure the success of the forum.

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