QFA and Qatar Shell Launch 'Il’Ab We'Yana'

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QFA and Qatar Shell Launch 'Il’Ab We'Yana' Kids attending a training session.
11:24 PM


Qatar Football Association (QFA) and Qatar Shell yesterday officially launched Il’Ab We’Yana, an extra-curricular school programme based on the FutbolNet methodology created by FC Barcelona Foundation, which uses football as a means to develop healthy habits and positive behavioural change, providing children with an extra four hours of non-competitive physical education per week.

Il’Ab We’Yana, which is part of the broader KOORA TIME initiative announced by the QFA and Qatar Shell in February, has been launched with three kick-off festivals in Doha and Al Khor.  The festivals were attended by 1,000 children aged 7 to 12 years from 33 schools across Qatar. Il’Ab We’Yana will run for 40 weeks. Sessions will be two hours in length and will be held twice a week after school at 14 different venues across the country ensuring sessions are easily accessible within each community. The programme will therefore provide each child with an additional 160 hours of physical activity over its 40 weeks duration.

“Following the very successful launch of KOORA TIME, we are thrilled to introduce this proven programme Il’Ab We’Yana, as part of our broader initiative. This will further our ultimate goal of motivating, facilitating and educating Qatari youth to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle through football,” said Saoud Al Mohannadi, General Secretary, QFA.

“These are exciting times for us and our partner the QFA. Il’Ab We’Yana gives children across the country access to more football which in turn will lead to healthier youth, and a better future for Qatar. This programme carries forward the KOORA TIME movement, through which we aim to inspire behavioural change towards health and fitness through football in line with our support to Qatar’s National Development Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030,” said Wael Sawan, Managing Director and Chairman of Qatar Shell Companies.

 “It is so great to see this programme kicked off in Qatar – from the immense energy we have seen on the pitch today, Il’Ab We’Yana has had an extremely positive start. We are proud to join hands with QFA and Qatar Shell for this programme, and look forward to transferring the positive impact that we have seen with this progamme in the past to Qatar’s youth through this football activation,” said  Ramon Cierco, FC Barcelona Foundation Vice President.

Il’Ab We’Yana will provide participants with six teaching modules, focusing on water and hydration; fruits, vegetables, and grains; harmful effects of fast food and snacks; fat and sugar; breakfast and sleep; and tobacco, as well as footballing tips for a healthy lifestyle.


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