HMC considering pancreas transplant in near future

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HMC considering pancreas transplant in near future
12:48 AM

Dr Yousuf al-Maslamani: “We did nine transplants this year and all of them were successful.”

 By Joseph Varghese/Staff Reporter


Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is considering the possibility of starting pancreas transplant in the near future,  a top HMC official has said.

Dr Yousuf al- Maslamani, head of the Organ Transplant Committee at the HMC, said: “We are planning for pancreas transplant in addition to the liver and kidney transplantation that is already taking place at HMC.  We are working out the details.”

He was speaking to  Gulf Times on the occasion of the HMC Ramadan campaign on organ and blood donation, which was launched at the City Center on Wednesday.

“We did nine transplants this year and all of them were successful. At present there are approximately 500 people waiting for kidney transplant and 20 for liver transplant,” Dr al- Maslamani said.

The HMC official pointed out that the organ donation campaign had been receiving great response from various sections of the society.

He said the public response was a big encouragement to continue with the programme. “There is an increased participation in the campaign. People are more receptive.”

Highlighting the change in the situation, he said: “People used to go abroad mainly for kidney transplantation and we were not sure whether they were getting healthy organs. Sometimes they returned with diseases (in their acquired kidneys) and this led to many complications.  Therefore having transplants in the country itself, is the best way which can ensure the safety of our people.”

The senior health official also said that the people who donated their kidneys would have to undergo all the necessary check-up, before and after the donation. “We check them when the time comes up for donation. After the donors give one kidney, their body changes and they may have to undergo medication. So we check them periodically. “

He said the organ donation campaign, which was started a few years ago, had got immense support from the people and the number of people registering for donation has been going up. “More than 16,000 people have already registered for organ donation and with the present campaign we expect the number to go up significantly. The willingness of Al Faisal Charity to join the initiative is another proof for the increasing nationwide support for the initiative.” Page 2





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