Bedaya Centre organises communication workshop

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Bedaya Centre organises communication workshop Participants attending the Bedaya Centre workshop.
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The Bedaya Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (BCECD) organised last week a workshop on ‘charismatic communication and interaction with people’.

The BCECD is a joint initiative of Qatar Development Bank and Silatech. The workshop was held over two days at a hotel in Doha with the participation of university students, high-school students, as well as young workers and employees.

Seeking to help the younger generations refine their personalities and enhance their abilities and skills in dealing with others, Qatari human development trainer Mohamed Haidar addressed a number of issues at the workshop including how to develop a charismatic and authentic character; communicate actively with people and influence them; qualities of the charismatic personality; how to deal with the different types of characters and how to build trust with other people.

“I am a strong believer in their mission which aims at empowering young people by offering them the chance to develop their skills and personalities and become active, influential leaders in all their fields of activity. This is entirely in step with my constant passion of helping younger generations and enabling them to make a positive impact in the society,” said Haidar.

Majed Fathallah, career development manager at Bedaya Centre, said: “There is a critical need to train young people in effective communication skills and the mechanisms of building relationships with others, which is one of the highly demanded skills in the Qatari labour market. The workshop is also part of Bedaya Centre’s mission towards finding and building leadership personalities to guide the future of Qatar.”

Haifa al-Malki, a participant at the workshop, pointed out that Bedaya Centre offered considerable help in her professional life.

“I had heard about Bedaya Centre’s workshops and training courses to help and encourage the Qatari youth. This motivated me to enquire about the workshops and later participate in them, and while at the Center. I made a few visits to Bedaya’s Career Counseling service and it helped me shape my future career; I have made great decisions with their help. The most valuable thing I learned was how our own values control our choices and behaviours. I gained insight into managing my values to my own benefit. The workshop added so much to my experience personally and professionally,” she added.




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