Qatar weather: The day to be fine and hot

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Qatar weather: The day to be fine and hot
9:10 AM


The weather in Thursday in Qatar will be fine and hot during daytime and the temperature will be moderate during night inshore. Offshore, there will be slight dust and some clouds.
Wind speed will be northwesterly to northeasterly 08 to 16 kt, becoming variable at night less than 05 kt inshore and southwesterly to northwesterly 10 to 20 kt offshore.
 isibility will be 5 to 10 km. The sea state will be between 1 to 2/3 ft inshore and 2 to 4/5 ft offshore, the Department of Meteorology said in its daily report.
Tide Times and temperatures are as follows:
Area           High Tide            Low Tide          Max. Temp.  
Messaid   11:45 - 23:00    06:30 - 15:15           42
Wakrah    11:15 - 22:30    05:30 - 15:15           42
Doha       10:15 - 22:00    04:45 - 14:15           43
Al Khor     09:00 - 21:15    04:00 - 14:15          43
Ruwais     10:15-  22:00    04:00 - 16:15          37
Dukhan     02:15 - 15:15   08:45.- 21:15          38
Sunset today: 18:23 It 

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