Seeking ‘solutions’ over a cup of coffee

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   Seeking ‘solutions’ over a cup of coffee Al-Muhannadi (centre) with al-Jolo (right) at the QSE headquarters.
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Qatar Society of Engineers (QSE) recently launched a programme called ‘A cup of coffee with an engineer’ with the aim of enhancing communication with engineers and decision-makers in the country.

The programme has been developed by QSE members to meet one engineer or decision-maker at a time to discuss issues of interest to the engineering profession and how to further develop it.

The first guest of the programme was Saad Ahmed Ibrahim al-Muhannadi, CEO of Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail). He was received by Ahmed al-Jolo, QSE chairman, at the society’s headquarters in Katara, along with other senior QSE members.

They discussed issues related to Qatar Rail and modern transportation solutions being planned for Qatar to resolve issues such as traffic congestion, especially within Doha.

Al-Muhannadi pointed out that the Doha Metro project would have multiple benefits that would reflect positively on improving the lives of inhabitants.

He also stressed the need to encourage people to use collective means of transport and abandon their private vehicles for some time and for certain destinations.

He said using the Metro as a means of transportation would help save time and money and also have a positive impact in terms of the environment and the overall situation on the roads.

Al-Muhannadi discussed the difficulties and challenges facing the project and the possible ways to overcome these.

He laid special emphasis on the issue of expatriate workers and how they should be provided with the best possible standards of living. “This would certainly increase their productivity  and help us finish the required work as scheduled,” he added.

‘A cup of coffee with an engineer’ is set to host other engineers and senior officials in the field, aiming to throw up ideas that could provide a further boost to the profession in Qatar.



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