Ooredoo offers ‘lowest’ local call rates

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Ooredoo offers ‘lowest’ local call rates
3:51 AM

Ooredoo has announced the launch of the “lowest” local calling rates in Qatar for Hala Smart and International Saver Key customers.

It has also “drastically” reduced international calling rates for Hala International Key customers.

With the latest pricing, all Hala Smart customers making out-of-bundle calls and all Hala International Saver Key customers can benefit from local calls to any Ooredoo number at just 20Dhs per minute. In addition, Hala International Saver Key subscribers will also get an international call rate of 45Dhs per minute.

Ooredoo recently announced the reduction of International Saver Key local calling and SMS rates to QR0.35 per minute and QR0.30 per SMS for a limited time, but has boosted value even further in response to customer demand.

Previously, International Saver Key and Hala Smart customers were charged at Ooredoo’s standard local calling rate of QR0.55 per minute, which means the company has now more than halved the cost of local calls to Ooredoo numbers compared to the standard rate.

International rates have dropped from QR0.60 per minute to QR0.45 for International Saver Key customers, offering subscribers more affordable calls to 121 countries around the world.

The International Saver Key costs QR1 a week and can be activated by sending the SMS ‘ISK’ to 121. The key will renew automatically every week and customers can continue to save.

Among the countries covered by the key are popular call destinations such as Egypt, Pakistan, the UK, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. A full list of countries can be viewed at www.ooredoo.qa

Ooredoo announced the launch of Hala Smart in April, offering prepaid customers more value and more data with Hala Smart bundles priced at QR10, QR15, QR25 and QR40.

Hala Smart packs are prepaid bundles that include a mixture of local and international minutes, SMS and mobile data. With this latest offer, out-of-bundle rates will now be charged at just 20Dhs per minute to all Ooredoo numbers.


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