Dukhan women’s forum holds handicraft expo

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 Dukhan women’s forum holds handicraft expo Officials and dignitaries at the event.
10:39 PM

The 2014 Dukhan Annual Handicraft & Cultural Exhibition took place recently at Dukhan Recreation Club.
Distinguished guests who attended the event included Ahmed Saif al-Sulaiti, Operations Manager at Qatar Petroleum Dukhan Fields, Deddy Saiful Hadi, Indonesian  Ambassador to Qatar, and Endang Deddy Hadi, along with other embassy staff as well as QP Dukhan managers and assistant managers.
Founded in 2003 as the “Ladies Handicraft Exhibition”, the event is organised by the Dukhan Women’s Association and designed to bring together people from different walks of life together as one community.
The exhibition is an annual celebration of the diverse culture within the Dukhan community, demonstrated through country booths and cultural performances.
Sri Lanka was this year’s country booth competition winner, followed by Egypt and India in second and third places, respectively. India won the country performance competition, followed by Sudan in second place and the Philippines in third.
All proceeds from the exhibition and handicraft sales are donated to a local Qatar charity.

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