Qatari designer displays her new collection in US

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 Qatari designer displays her new collection in US
12:05 AM

Khadeja al-Buhaliqa presented her fashion line under the title ‘Old is Gold’.

During the UN-sponsored International Maritage Foundation exhibition, young Qatari designer Khadeja al-Buhaliqa launched her new abaya and fashion collection at the historic Union League Club in Manhattan, New York City, recently.
The International Maritage Foundation is an institution that tackles poverty by creating work and training opportunities for female artisans in developing countries to support them in developing their skills.
The exhibition, “International Creativity without Borders”, saw the wide participation of fashion lovers, representatives from the UN as well as members of the diplomatic and academic communities from around the world. Al-Buhaliqa presented her fashion line under the title “Old is Gold”, which aimed to provide a blend between Qatari and Western fashion that connects the past to the present.
In a statement, al-Buhaliqa said: “I am delighted and honoured to be the first Qatari and Arab taking part in this exhibition to support women across several sectors to bring together different civilisations and cultures from around the world. The world of fashion is a beautiful realm that vividly represents the culture and history of any community, and each country has the right to be proud of the impact of its heritage and various costumes in our modern times.
“This event is very important to me, and after becoming the official representative of the State of Qatar at the United Nations’ International Maritage Foundation, I ambitiously aspire to organise a high-level exhibition in my country to support my heritage and that of other communities around the world.”
The exhibition displayed the collections of several designers from all over the world besides showcasing paintings and accessories for sale, where all the proceeds went to charitable organisations that operate under the UN. Al-Buhaliqa was the only designer from an Arab country to participate in the exhibition.

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