Ferrari enthusiasts enjoy ‘legendary’ experience

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 Ferrari enthusiasts enjoy ‘legendary’ experience Participants and officials at the event.
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Ferrari owners and enthusiasts in Qatar enjoyed a “legendary” experience at the fourth edition of the Emozioni in Pista event organised by Alfardan Sports Motors, the official Ferrari importer in Qatar, recently.
The Emozioni in Pista gave guests in Qatar the opportunity to drive their own Ferraris at the Losail International Circuit with Giancarlo Fisichella, official Ferrari F1 test driver, and Ferrari’s world-famous Italian driving trainers - the Pilota Ferrari - coming directly from Ferrari’s hometown, Maranello.
Fisichella, along with 10 of Ferrari’s official Pilota instructors, demonstrated some driving techniques and helped Ferrari owners and prospective clients deepen their professional driving techniques while unlocking the full potential of their own cars as well as having the opportunity to test-drive some new Ferrari models - the 458 Italia, the 458 Spider and the FF.
Guests were divided into groups and enjoyed individual safe-training lessons supervised by Ferrari’s pilots, where each had the opportunity to experience the technology, performance and options of their cars.
As part of its commitment to provide the best service for their clients, Alfardan Sports Motors offered complimentary vehicle check-up on the day following the event.
“We are very pleased with the success of the event, which is clearly indicated by the increase in the number of participants year after year. Owning a Ferrari is an ultimate lifetime dream and we are committed to introduce to our clients extraordinary experiences that enhance the real feel of their brand of choice,” said Mohamed Kandeel, general manager of Alfardan Sports Motors.
The Emozioni in Pista experience was an exciting family day with Ferrari’s lifestyle boutique, featuring branded accessories for clients to personalise their cars with and a fun kids’ area for the little ones.

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