Kyocera, Darwish & Co organise forum on document solutions

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Kyocera, Darwish & Co organise forum on document solutions Participants of ‘Introduction to Kyocera MDS’ after the event.
11:38 PM

Kyocera Document Solutions International Sales and Darwish & Company held the “Introduction to Kyocera MDS” (Managed Document Services) event recently.
The event was attended by Darwish & Company managing director Tarek Darwish, Ahmed Kassem Darwish Trading Est (Dubai) general manager Sufyan H Samhouri, Darwish & Company (Qatar) area sales manager Abdul Raheem Ansari (Junaid), Kyocera Document Solutions Europe BV marketing senior manager Maki Nagao, Kyocera Document Solutions Middle East general manager Masahiko Murata and MyQ Middle East general manager Petr Hacmac.
Managed Document Services or MDS provides solutions to streamline costs, introduce more efficient work practices and improve user productivity for a more efficient and competitive organisation – particularly in the area of printing, which is one of the most overlooked budget areas of
a company.
Darwish & Company Limited’s MDS is more than just a “cost per page contract” - rather, it is a “proactive managed service” that is designed to help customers “achieve quantifiable goals and objectives”.

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