Barwa Bank scores ‘highest share price’ in management competition

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Barwa Bank scores ‘highest share price’ in management competition The Barwa Bank management team after receiving the award.
11:38 PM

Members of Barwa Bank’s competing teams in the inaugural edition of the “Global Management Challenge” received awards for scoring the “highest share price” during the recently held strategy and management competition.
Barwa Bank Group acting chief executive officer Khalid al-Subeai commended the teams for their efforts, saying that “those who represented Barwa Bank in this competition shone as CEOs of their virtual companies and saw through this highly competitive competition with flying colours”.
The inaugural edition of the Global Management Challenge is the largest strategy and management simulation competition in the world, organised by the ADNAR Group.
It consists of a strategy and management simulation competition where each team runs a virtual company that can score the highest company share price on a simulated stock exchange. The competition also involved decision-making in marketing, sales, and human and financial resources and production.
Team members that represented Barwa Bank Group included Ahmed Abdulaziz al-Amadi, Abdulla al-Fadli, Abdulaziz Ishaq, Abdulla al-Madeed, Mohamed Hamaq, Fawziya al-Abdulla, Abdulrahman Fahad al-Thani, Yousef al-Khulaifi, Abdulrahman al-Hammadi and Talal Khaja.       
The Global Management Challenge is the world’s largest “futuristic” talent development programme that employs “cutting-edge training and talent development tools” with more than 500,000 managers and university students from over 40 countries participating in the event.

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