Woman wins QR1mn in Ahlibank’s first Al-Rabeh quarterly draw

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Woman wins QR1mn in Ahlibank’s first Al-Rabeh quarterly draw
11:21 PM

‘Al-Rabeh’ cheque for the quarterly draw.

A female client of Ahlibank took home QR1mn after winning in the first Al-Rabeh quarterly draw, according to a bank official.
Hassan al-Frangi, head of branches at Ahlibank, said the winner was Dalia Taher A Ali who won the QR1mn cash prize.
Al-Frangi said: “Al-Rabeh prizes for the weekly, monthly, and quarterly draws bring enormous good fortune to lucky customers and their loved ones. We are delighted that we are able to reward our Al-Rabeh customers with cash prizes in this exciting and unique savings scheme.”
The winner said she was ecstatic upon learning that she had won QR1mn. “It was a memorable day. I was always happy to deal with Ahlibank but this surprise is one that will embed the bank’s name in my memory forever. My family is very excited with our good fortune. We have decided to keep all our savings and the prize money with Ahlibank to see it grow further,” she said.
The official said the Al-Rabeh Savings Scheme 2014 “offers more chances of winning great cash prizes where 10 lucky winners will get the weekly prize QR10,000 each while 15 winners will get QR20,000 each every month, in addition to two monthly grand prizes worth QR100,000 each. Also, the new Al-Rabeh scheme offers one quarterly prize worth QR1mn.
“In addition to the attractive prize pool, customers will earn competitive interest rates on their savings along with opportunities to enter Al-Rabeh draws. The scheme also offers participants the possibility to win more than once in the raffle draws,” al-Frangi said.

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