‘Positive’ changes in the works: CMC official

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‘Positive’ changes in the works: CMC official Al-Lakhn speaking at a press conference yesterday.
11:19 PM

A new plan will soon be implemented at the general secretariat of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) to make work easier for both the CMC members as well as the staff, the newly-appointed secretary general has said.
Jaber bin Hamad al-Lakhn said that the CMC general secretariat would work to give CMC members easily accessible and hassle-free services to enable them to better undertake their municipal duties.
He pointed out that the upcoming period will see “dramatic positive” changes in the way his administration works, which he hoped would be up to the expectations of the CMC members.
“The CMC General Secretariat will soon undergo a comprehensive development process in its performance and work mechanisms,” affirmed
He promised that his main priorities would be to promote co-operation and mutual understanding among CMC members, while implementing the laws.
“Our main target is to work together as one unit for the overall public good,” he said, stressing the importance of constant and direct communications among CMC members and CMC secretary general.
Regarding the undesirable events that preceded his appointment, he said that such things did  not concern him and “these things normally happen but media reports usually magnify them”.
Meanwhile, a delegation of CMC members, headed by CMC chairman Saud al-Hinzab, left yesterday for Jordan to take part in a training workshop.
The council has conducted many work visits to a number of countries to get to know the municipal experiences in different places and apply whichever is suitable for Doha.

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