Fall 2014 admissions for TAMUQ open until today

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Fall 2014 admissions for TAMUQ open until today
12:46 AM

Texas A&M University at Qatar’s (TAMUQ) admissions for the Fall 2014 semester for freshmen will remain open until today.

All prospective students and applicants interested in applying for or finding out more about the university’s engineering-focused programmes may visit the Texas A&M at Qatar Engineering Building on the Education City campus and meet with the office of

Maha Ayyash, director of admissions at TAMUQ, said: “I encourage students who aspire to join the university to complete their application requirements and submit all documents to our office prior to the deadline. I hope that prospective students will not miss out on the opportunity to join the world-class engineering programmes offered at the university.”

TAMUQ offers top-tier training and advanced accredited programmes in chemical, electrical, mechanical and petroleum engineering that rank among the top American universities for education and research.



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