Mashreq Qatar wins ‘Best Internet Bank’ award

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Mashreq Qatar wins ‘Best Internet Bank’  award Mashareq Qatar representative receiving the award.
12:45 AM

Mashreq Qatar, one of the region’s leading financial institutions in Qatar was awarded the ‘Best Internet Bank’ by the UK-based International Finance Magazine (IFM). The awards recognise excellence in the banking and finance industry in more than 40 countries and were presented in a ceremony held  in Dubai recently.

This is the second such award in the same year for Mashreq Qatar, which was recently confirmed as the ‘Best Internet Bank’ by New York-based Global Finance magazine for fifth year in a row. Both awards reflect the outstanding success of the online banking platform and the level of confidence by customers towards Mashreq Qatar’s advanced capabilities.

Niranjan Mendonca, head of retail banking, Mashreq Qatar said: “To win the title of ‘best Internet bank’ from two major finance magazines is a tremendous achievement. We are proud to receive global industry recognition for our commitment to delivering technological innovation combined with a seamless customer experience.”

The awards-series honours individuals and organisations in the international finance industry for their innovation and performance.  The considerations for the awards include corporate social responsibility, charitable activities, corporate governance and other achievements in the international finance community.


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