Ooredoo’s giant mural now available online for viewing

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Ooredoo’s giant mural now available online for viewing Ooredoo’s Alrabaa seen with children during Qatar National Day celebrations.
2:22 AM

The giant mural created by Ooredoo in celebration of Qatar National Day is now available online for viewing.

The mural displayed in Landmark Mall during the festivities, attracting large crowds, has been recorded as the largest opinion response the company have ever had for a single campaign.

Ooredoo canvassed 5,000 customers to find the reason why they love Qatar and asked them to submit their thoughts via a special webpage or by tweeting their message with the hashtag #weareallqatar.

The answers were then collated into the giant mural which displayed the 5,000 reasons and celebrated the “One Love” theme of this year’s event.

The mural is now available to view online at the weareallqatar.com website.

Customers who submitted a message can find their part of the mural by searching for a previously issued pixel number via the search bar at the top of the webpage. Pixel numbers would have been issued to users when submitting a message.

During the special unveiling of the mural, Ooredoo’s Alrabaa visited the Landmark Mall to entertain families during the celebration.

The Alrabaa who represent Qatar’s traditions and values, posed for photos with children and gathered crowds to view the piece.


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