Schools Olympic contest attracts huge turnout

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Schools Olympic contest  attracts huge turnout Action from the basketball competition.
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The Qatar Schools Olympic Programme (SOP) which is in its fifth week of competition and which is being held under the theme of “Sport and Integrity,” has seen a large number of participants as the basketball and volleyball competitions got off to a great start.

Earlier this week, Huzam Mohamed al-Homaidani, the headmaster of Al Razi Preparatory school for boys described the SOP as a productive project helping the students to develop their skills and to use their energy in a positive way.

“Since the first edition of the prestigious programme until the current seventh edition, our students have interacted positively with the SOP events and objectives and have showed an overwhelming response to the values of the programme,” said al- Homaidani.

The seventh edition of the SOP is dedicated to spreading the values of integrity in sport and sees the collaboration of many organisations in Qatar who share the same values such as the ‘Save the Dream’ initiative, the ICSS and the Qatar Anti-Doping Laboratory, to name a few.

Schools in Doha will continue to compete against each other in basketball, volleyball and a number of other athletic competitions.

The SOP is an annual programme organised by the Qatar Olympic Committee and the Supreme Education Council in co-operation with the Qatar School Sports Federation and Qatar Paralympic Committee.

The partners of the seventh edition are Ministry of Interior, the International Centre for Sport Security, the Qatar National Anti-Doping Commission and the Anti-Doping Laboratory, Qatar. The event is staged under the patronage of Maersk Oil Qatar which has been sponsoring the SOP for three years.




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