Qatar’s ‘longest cake’ a symbol of teamwork

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Qatar’s ‘longest cake’ a symbol of teamwork
2:57 AM

Engineers Forum, in association with Bakemart, has created what is being claimed as “Qatar’s longest cake,” measuring 8.4m in length and 2.4m in width.

Baked with over 1,500 eggs, 150kg of sponge mix, 200kg of fresh cream, around 50kg of jelly and almost a dozen kg of caramel and mixed fruit filling, the cake has been described as a symbol of teamwork and signifies Bakemart’s commitment to being an innovative company that can offer a variety of choices to its clients and customers.

Weighing a little less than 500kg, the cake has been assembled by four pastry chefs and 20 assistants from the Bakemart team, totalling over 30 man-hours. Pastry chef Vijith Paremmal and group general manager Moansy Thomas co-ordinated the entire process.

Meanwhile, Engineers Forum celebrated a Family Fun Day on November 1 with a wide variety of cooking competitions, including ‘payasam,’ seafood, vegetable carving and salad dressing. Twelve engineering colleges presented stalls depicting Qatar and Kerala with a variety of Kerala food, fashion accessories and jewellery.

The highlight of the show was a live concert by singer Preety Bhalla, which enthralled the audience. Chairman E J John welcomed the gathering.

General secretary Mibu Jose and event conveners Anjali Prasanan and Haseeb C M organised the show along with the Engineers Forum management committee.

Engineers Forum is the apex body of engineers from Kerala.

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