JPD steps in to help bridge generation gap

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JPD steps in to help bridge generation gap Staff Maj Gen Saad bin Jassim al-Khulaifi, first right, with other MoI officials at the seminar.
2:49 AM

The Juvenile Police Department (JPD) organised a seminar on “Intellectual communications among generations; reality and anticipations.”

The seminar, held under the patronage of the Director General of Public Security, Staff Maj Gen Saad bin Jassim al-Khulaifi, was conducted to promote communication in helping bridge the cultural gap between generations.

It was attended by departmental heads in the Ministry of Interior (MoI), researchers, media people and others.

According to JPD director Brig Ibrahim Eissa al-Buainain, the seminar was part of the recommendations made by a forum on cultural gap between generations. “The forum suggested several steps to bridge the gap between generations after looking into several aspects such as religious, legal, social and psychological,” he said.

HE the Prime Minister has approved many of the recommendations which include organising seminars to discuss various aspects of the cultural gap.

A movie was shown to highlight the cultural gap between parents’ generation and descendants’ generation. The first session of seminar was presided over by Prof Najat Abdullah, director of Social Security Department and specialist in children programmes.

A paper on “Considering religious and psychological discourse in intellectual communication between the generations” was presented by Prof Mohamed al-Anzi, social work
specialist at Aspire Academy.

Capt Bana Ali al-Khulaifi, head of Awareness, Media and Research Section at JPD, presented a paper on “Role of security institutions in the protection of children against deviant behaviour resulted from the intellectual disparity between

Another paper was presented by Dr Ilham Badr, media and public relations director at Qatar Foundation for Protection of Child and Woman on
“Communication skills”.

Besides, Prof Thoufeek Sakkar, a researcher at JPD; Dr Abdul Nasser Saleh, professor at Qatar University; Maryam al-Jabir, head of Juvenile and Families Prosecution also presented papers on different subjects.




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