Missing boys’ parents in desperate appeal

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Missing boys’ parents in desperate appeal
2:32 AM

The parents of the two Indian teenage boys, missing since eight days, have appealed to them yesterday to return home. The children have been assured that issues if any would be addressed amicably.  
Saurabh Gupta and Arun Jose, both students of Class 10 at MES Indian School, have been missing since October 9 after attending classes.
MES Indian School Principal A P Sasidharan also made a similar appeal yesterday to the duo, requesting both of them to return to their parents at the earliest and to end their agonising wait.
Meanwhile, as on two previous occasions, there were unconfirmed reports of the boys being sighted yesterday in a taxi in Wakrah around noon. However, when contacted, Kamlesh Gupta, the father of Saurabh said he was unaware of this development.
It is suspected by many in the community that the two missing boys are housed somewhere in the Wukair area. Senior members of the community said they are continuing their efforts to trace the boys.

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