Concern over crowding at private hospitals and clinics

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Concern over crowding at private hospitals and clinics
12:28 AM

Female citizens have complained of overcrowding at private hospitals and clinics that are implementing the social health insurance system, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.
The big crowds have been attributed to a significant increase in the number of patients seeking medication in the women and maternity clinics of these medical facilities, the report adds.
Since the launch of the health insurance system, the waiting period in clinics can last several hours despite the easy administrative procedures, say citizens.
They also point out that a large number of female citizens are now going to private clinics to benefit from the insurance system.
This has added to the pressure on these clinics and increased the waiting time, the report states.
The citizens have expressed concern over the ability of the private health sector to deal with the growing number of patients, especially in subsequent periods when the insurance benefits will be extended to different sections of residents, according to the report.
These women have also called for an increase in the number of hospitals included in the insurance system to ease the pressure on existing facilities.
Acknowledging the rise in the number of patients in the first stage of the insurance system, Dr Abdul Azim Hussain, medical director of Al Ahli Hospital, said clinics at the hospital used to receive 150 female patients every day.
Now they get 220 patients, he said.
Dr Osman al-Saeed, medical director of Doha Hospital, said they have increased work hours to 14 in the women and maternity clinics.
He also said the health insurance system will encourage private health establishments to increase their staff and boost their capacity to meet the requirements of patients covered by the health insurance scheme, the report added.

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