‘Best Finance House’ award for FFC

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‘Best Finance House’ award for FFC FFC officials at the award ceremony.
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First Finance Company (FFC), a member of Barwa Bank Group, was recognised as the “Best Finance House in Qatar” at The Arabian Business Achievement Awards Qatar 2013 during a ceremony held in Doha recently.
Eslah Assem Awad, chief executive officer of FFC, attended the ceremony to receive the award. He said: “We are delighted to receive this award from Arabian Business. We continuously seek to be the best in the finance market and receiving both industry and customer recognition for our excellence in financial services is a testament to this. We will continue to focus on providing outstanding service, consistent with the highest international standards and in accordance with Shariah principles.”
In June, FFC received the “Best Retail Finance House of the Year” award at the 2013 Banker Middle East Industry Awards.
“This is the second award FFC has won this year. I congratulate the entire FFC team for its outstanding contribution to our success in positioning FFC as a leader in the Qatari financial sector,” the CEO added.
Yousif al-Subaie, deputy CEO of FFC, said: “FFC’s motto is ‘simplicity, flexibility and care’, and we will continue to ensure that we deliver on each of these important elements. We want to support this sector’s growth and development by offering a wide range of bespoke, Shariah-compliant finance solutions to our customers.”

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