Aspetar perfect destination for my recovery, says athlete

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Aspetar perfect destination for my recovery, says athlete Tunisia’s Habiba Ghribi has been receiving treatment for her injuries.
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Tunisian long-distance runner Habiba Ghribi has been receiving treatment at Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital after sustaining an injury in May.
Ghribi is widely known for winning a silver medal in the 3,000m steeplechase at the London Olympics in 2012 and is the first Tunisian female athlete to record such an achievement in the Olympics. She also won the silver medal at the World Championships in South Korea in 2011.
Ghribi hopes to recover from all her injuries as soon as possible in order to compete in upcoming tournaments. She suffered from extreme knee pain before the World Athletics Championships - held in Moscow from August 10 to 18 - and was unable to take part in the event.
“I underwent several medical examinations before the championships and MRI scans showed that I wasn’t ready for the Moscow games. I’m suffering from excruciating pain in my knees, which makes jumping and running extremely difficult. This injury put an end to any hopes that I had for the World Championships in Moscow,” said Ghribi.
The Tunisian champion started a rehabilitation programme in France, which included fitness classes and swimming to strengthen her muscles and shorten the recovery period. She said it was during rehabilitation that her personal doctor recommended Aspetar for its international reputation and world-class facilities.
“Several of my friends advised me to seek treatment in Aspetar and told me it is well respected for its sophisticated facilities and equipment as well as its highly capable medical staff. I’m confident that I will be competing again very soon. I believe that Aspetar is the perfect destination for any recovering athlete and I am deeply touched by the care I have received,” said Ghribi.
Last year, Ghribi attended a closed preparatory camp in Doha and was impressed by the calm atmosphere at Aspire Zone Foundation.
Ghribi also thanked Dr Hakim Chalabi, acting chief medical officer and executive director of the National Sports Medicine Programme at Aspetar, saying the doctor was the main factor behind her decision to seek treatment at Aspetar.
Ghribi is eager to return to the race tracks but has ruled out the possibility of competing in the upcoming Indoor World Championships in Poland, which takes place early next year. “I don’t think I will be ready but I hope I will be completely recovered for the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro,” she said.

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