HMC’s Foot and Ankle unit ‘receiving 300 cases daily’

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HMC’s Foot and Ankle unit ‘receiving 300 cases daily’ Dr Mohamed al-Ateeq al-Dosari
1:00 AM

The Foot and Ankle unit in Hamad Medical Corporation’s Orthopaedic Surgery department is receiving approximately 300 patients daily, including around 80 patients suffering from foot and ankle problems, department head Dr Mohamed al-Ateeq al-Dosari has said.
He gave the figures while announcing the corporation’s plan to host the First Qatar Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Symposium on November 23-24.
“We see approximately 300 patients every day and at least 80 of those have some foot and ankle problem, mainly fractures and ligament or cartilage injuries. We also see a number of patients with diabetes or vascular problems and patients with congenital deformities, developmental disabilities and advanced cases of tumour,” said Dr al-Dosari, who is also the Bone and Joint Institute director. “We are introducing minimally invasive procedures such as percutaneous surgery, where access to inner organs or other tissue is gained through small needle punctures on the skin.”
A dedicated Foot and Ankle service, the Bone and Joint
Institute, was established at Hamad General Hospital as part of the Academic Health System initiative.
This initiative has introduced research into the day-to-day physician practice and is advancing contemporary evidence-based medicine, he said.
Approximately 250 healthcare professionals from across the region will gather at the symposium, which is expected to support the corporation in its efforts to facilitate first-class medical education opportunities and its intent to become a regional hub for advanced orthopaedic care.
Distinguished international speakers such as University of Toronto’s Dr Timothy Daniels, who has received prestigious awards in the field of orthopaedic education, and Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Professor James Griffith, a musculoskeletal imaging expert who has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in the field, will make presentations.
The symposium will also feature a line-up of local speakers who are experts in their field.
He explained that 50% of the population consists of young people who are beginning to be extremely active in sports.
He said these individuals are exposed to a variety of foot and ankle injuries and that the Bone and Joint Institute is constantly improving its capacity and introducing new technologies - ones that are being used for the diagnosis and management of multiple diseases related to foot and ankle, ranging from basic fractures to major reconstruction.
Dr al-Dosari, who is also the symposium’s organising committee chairman, said the event will be informative for various specialties, including physicians and surgeons, physiotherapists, prosthetic orthotic technicians and makers of walk-assist devices, as well as non-surgical healthcare professionals such as those providing care for people with diabetes.
“Events like this symposium boost our efforts to introduce new and advanced ways of providing musculoskeletal care to our community and to becoming a regional hub for advanced orthopaedic care,” said Dr al-Dosari, mentioning that the foot and ankle care in Qatar has developed rapidly over the past two and a half years.
Healthcare professionals can register for the conference at foot& or call 44392821 and 44392823. Abstracts submission will continue until September 30.  More information on the symposium is available at

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