Qatar’s health reforms showcased at conference

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Qatar’s health reforms showcased at conference The SCH booth at the conference held in Helsinki, Finland.
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The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) participated in the 29th conference of Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI).
The event was held in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, from September 18 to 21 and saw the participation of more than 200 delegations from around the world. During the conference, the Qatari delegation presented the main features of reforms in the health sector in Qatar. It also presented two scientific studies on the cost of patient treatment and health finances based on the practices in Qatar.
The 30th conference of PCSI would be held in Qatar - for the first time in the Middle East - in October 2014. SCH also took part in the accompanying exhibition with a display highlighting the achievements of Qatar in the health sector, which attracted a large turnout of visitors.
The main theme of the PCSI 2013 conference was transparency in healthcare along with sub-themes such as primary care, cost accounting and structural reform in healthcare.

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