Q-Post explains ‘difficult decision’ to close Al Mirgab post office

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Q-Post explains ‘difficult decision’ to close Al Mirgab post office The Al Mirgab post office is being closed as the landlord wants Q-Post to vacate the building. PICTURE: Jayaram
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Al Mirgab post office is being closed with effect from September 26 due to reasons beyond the control of Q-Post, Gulf Times has been informed.

The clarification comes in the wake of a report in Gulf Times on September 10, highlighting the disappointment of customers.

All the services of Al Mirgab post office, including P O box, will be shifted to Al Muntazah post office located at Ibn Yateem Street No 24 opposite to Al Meera, effective from September 29.

“We tried our level best to keep our branch functioning from the current premises but we had to take this difficult decision due to reasons out of our control,” a statement issued by Q-Post said.

“The landlord of the building insisted us many times to vacate the building despite our several measures of paying increased rent as part of our desire to provide services to our customers from the same premises but we could not succeed because the landlord was adamant in his decision,” Q-Post explained.

“We subsequently tried our level best to get a suitable location in the area but we failed in finding a place. Therefore we decided to move the branch to our Al Muntazah post office where we have enough space to install the mail boxes currently being
operated at Al Mirgab post office.

“As a service provider, Q-Post feel really sorry for taking this difficult decision that will affect our valued customers to some extent,” the statement concluded.

A number of customers had expressed their disappointment to Gulf Times about the impending closure of Al Mirgab post office.

“It was so convenient to have a post office nearby, now we have to drive at least 20 minutes to reach Al Muntazah post office,” a trader on Al Mirgab Street had said.

Several people working with establishments in the neighbourhood or living in the area are unhappy about the closure of Al Mirgab post office.

Business space commands a premium on Al Mirgab Street. A single shutter shop could easily fetch a monthly rent of at least QR35,000, as pointed out by a trader.

One of the busiest business areas in Qatar, Al Mirgab Street is a favourite with nationals as well as expatriates for the variety and ambience it offers.

Some hugely popular restaurants, including the Central Turkey and Marmara Istanbul, a number of shops selling mobile phones and communication accessories, Doha Clinic Hospital, National Car Company’s Mazda showroom, consumer electronics outlets including Harman House, Jumbo Electronics, a branch of Saqr the Entertainment Store and a branch of the Family Food Centre are among the establishments in the area.

A new shopping complex, with a road frontage of at least 400m, is  nearing completion on Al Mirgab Street, which also has its share of  fast food outlets and bakeries.


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