Unite to work for the community, envoy urges Filipino groups

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Unite to work for the  community, envoy urges Filipino groups Dozens of Filipino community leaders have vowed to support new UFOQ officials. PICTURE: Joey Aguilar
1:48 AM

The Philippine embassy in Doha has urged Filipino groups to support the newly-elected officers of the United Filipino Organisation-Qatar (UFOQ) and unite to work for the benefit of the whole community.

Jhin Tabuzo, an adviser of the United Architect of the Philippines-Qatar chapter, garnered 29 votes to win the election for the chairmanship. He was three votes ahead of Delfino De Leon who represented the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers. Delfin Montenegro from the Samahang Batangueno Qatar (SBQ) won 16 votes to take the third place.

“I am glad of the full support of the Filipino community on this occasion. The elections were hotly contested as indicated by the results,” ambassador Crescente Relacion told Gulf Times.

UFOQ aims to unify all Filipino groups to work on various community projects and events besides the staging of the annual Philippine Independence Day celebration.

“I am appealing once again to all leaders so support the new officials in the great task of promoting the best interest of all Filipinos in Qatar,” stressed Relacion.

At least 71 (or 66%) of the total 104 embassy-accredited organisations  participated in electing three officials. Jehmar Tabili from the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, won the position for treasurer while Frank Jamandre was elected secretary.

In their speeches, the nominees had called on their fellowmen to forget previous strife and support one another, especially in achieving UFOQ’s objectives and goals.

Meanwhile, Montenegro was the first to concede results in the election after posting his congratulatory message on his Facebook account.

He said it was a “fair and clean” election. His group, the SBQ,  vowed to support chairman Tabuzo, treasurer Tabili and secretary Jamandre.

Many of the professional organisations had earlier expressed their full support to anyone who would win the election.

The candidates’ platform focused in doing special projects that would benefit all categories of Filipino expatriates.



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