Qatar ‘keen’ to protect rights of expat workers

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Qatar ‘keen’ to protect rights of expat workers
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Qatar has sharply criticised all contemporary forms of slavery “as violating human rights and impeding their enjoyment”, recalling in this concern Article IV of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which prohibits slavery and human trafficking in all their forms.

Qatar has indicated to the issuance of Law No. 15 of the year 2011 on combating human trafficking, which guarantees the protection of the victims and provide them with health, education and social care and works to create the appropriate conditions for their rehabilitating and reintegrating them into the society in a way that takes care of their needs and their human dignity.

This came in a speech delivered by Al-Mohannad al-Hammadi, the second secretary at the permanent delegation of the State of Qatar in Geneva before the 24th session of the Human Rights Council, in the framework of interactive debate on the report of the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, including its causes and consequences.

In the context al-Hammadi referred to the major efforts Qatar has been exerting at the institutional and awareness level to combat human trafficking related crimes.

These crimes are represented in the establishment of several institutions involved in combating such a phenomenon and care for victims of trafficking crimes such as Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking (QFCHT), he said.

QFCHT aims to provide assistance and protection to victims of trafficking and is acting for their rehabilitation and reintegration into society as well as to promote awareness of the problem of human trafficking and ways to combat it.

When dealing with the expatriate labour, the Qatari diplomat stressed “the due care and keenness of the State of Qatar to promote and protect the rights of these workers and which are embodied in the constitutional protection of labour rights and guaranteed in the state’s permanent constitution and its endorsement of several conventions and agreements of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)”.

Al-Hammadi also expressed Qatar’s welcome and commendation of the recommendations included within the report of Gulnara Shahinian, the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, especially the establishment of specialised agencies or institutions whose specific mission would be to address contemporary forms of slavery, in addition to promoting public awareness on all forms of contemporary of slavery and dissemination mechanisms of detection and
reporting and fighting it.

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