No respite yet from hot, humid weather

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 No respite yet from hot, humid weather
12:30 AM

By Bonnie James/Deputy News Editor

Contrary to earlier weather forecasts, Qatar residents have to wait another fortnight to get some relief from high heat and humidity.
Gulf Times had reported on August 20 that humid conditions are predicted to prevail until September 14.
Maximum temperature is to hover between 36C and 39C until September 24 before starting to dip to 37C on September 25, popular weather forecast portal said yesterday.
Doha recorded yesterday a maximum of 38C (85% humidity) and a minimum of 30C (35% humidity), according to Qatar Meteorology Department.
The forecast for Doha today is 38C (90% humidity) and 31C (35% humidity) while that for tomorrow is 39C (90% humidity) and 31C (30% humidity).
The maximum humidity in Qatar yesterday, 90%, was recorded at Mesaieed, which registered a maximum temperature of 37C and a minimum of 29C.
Mesaieed is forecast to experience the maximum humidity in Qatar today and tomorrow too, at 95%. The temperature at Mesaieed today will be 37C-29C and tomorrow, 38C-29C.
Though the maximum temperature in Doha yesterday was 38C, Accuweather’s RealFeel equation put it at 46C, taking into account many different factors including humidity, cloud cover, winds, sun intensity and angle of the sun.
“More than the heat, it is the humidity that is sapping energy,” said a sweat-drenched attendant at a fuel station on Salwa Road.
Accuweather’s forecast for Doha is a maximum of 37C on September 26, 36C on September 27 and 28. Mercury is expected to drop to a peak of 34C from September 29 to October 1 before moving up to 35C on October 2 and dropping to 34C thereafter and touching 33C on October 9.
A surge in maximum temperature to 36C is forecast in Doha from October 10 to 15, before starting a gradual decline from October 16 onwards and reaching 32C on October 24.
Though there are no forecasts yet for November, the historical average maximum temperature for Doha has been 30C and below from November 15 onwards.

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