It’s a dream come true for driver

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It’s a dream come true for driver
1:24 AM

One of the two prizes in the LuLu Hypermarket’s ‘Dream Drive with LuLu’ promotion at Al Khor branch has gone to a driver from the south Indian state of Kerala. Madhavan Pille (coupon number 0559049) won a Land Cruiser GX 2013 SUV. The top prize of a Lexus LX570 5.7L SUV went to coupon number 0555805 deposited by Babu, another expatriate. The draw was held on Thursday evening. Madhavan Pille, a native of Thiruvananthapuram district, works with a catering firm. In his sixth year in Qatar, Pille told Gulf Times yesterday that he hoped to sell the vehicle and complete the construction of his house back home and clear some of his debts.

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