Shoe Mart’s ‘Back to School’ promo

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Shoe Mart’s ‘Back to School’ promo
12:34 AM

The Shoe Mart is offering a wide variety of school shoes, bags and other important items in its ‘Back to School’ promo, which was launched in July.
To begin the new school year in flair, girls can choose from elegant range of shiny leather bowed and flowered pumps and ballerinas, while boys can choose from a number of comfortable casual styles.
There are also a wide selection of sports shoes for boys and girls on offer.
A wide assortment of school shoes for girls from Classic Mary Jane’s to black ballet pumps and black school shoes for boys will be available in store as well.
The ‘Back to School’ range also offers a selection of school bags, back packs, as well as pencil cases, lunch boxes and water bottles.
This season’s styles offer colorful backpacks and accessories for girls and Lamborghini styled bags for boys.
Shoe Mart general manager John Hood said of the ‘Back to School’ collection launch: “Shoe Mart’s ‘Back to School’ campaign has proven to be a success with our customers year after year. Every year, we strive to make it special to reach out to all and at the same time create an edge with our offering. This year we have worked on an extremely unique giveaway as part of ‘Back to School’ promotion which will certainly thrill children and their parents.”
During the promo, customers can get a free fun alarm clock on every purchase of a pair of shoes or a school bag.

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