Grand Hyatt extends Suhour timing

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 Grand Hyatt extends Suhour timing A Suhour tray.
11:14 PM

Grand Hyatt Doha has introduced a homely Suhour tray at its Ramadanak tent and extend timing until 2am due to the high demand and in order to make their guests more comfortable around the Andalusian-inspired tent.
EAM director of rooms Hardip Marwah explained that the timing of the Suhour tray idea at Ramadanak tent had to be extended until 2am because it was always fully booked daily.
“Our guests’ satisfaction is our number one goal to achieve,” said food and beverage director Puneet Baijal.
The Suhour tray has lots of options such as falafel, labneh, hummus, grilled halloumi cheese and olives salad and caters to vegetarians and light-eaters as well.

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