Second season of Uncle Mosleh’s Tales to air 30 episodes

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Second season of Uncle Mosleh’s Tales to air 30 episodes Camiel Schouwenaar concentrates on a shoot.
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During the holy month of Ramadan, JCC is bringing the second season of Uncle Mosleh’s Tales’ recognised as a milestone in children’s entertainment in the Arab world.
The second season has 30 episodes as compared to 15 episodes in the first season. This year the show is directed by Camiel Schouwenaar from the Netherlands, who has directed several long running puppet shows that won international awards. The second season of Uncle Mosleh’s Tales comes in line with JCC’s efforts to enrich the lives of Arab pre-schoolers and their families by reviving cultural values through its quality programming.
Commenting on the second season, Saad al- Hudaifi, JCC’s deputy executive general manager and channels’ acting director, said: “We decided last year to take the pioneer step in reviving the art of puppetry and produce Uncle Mosleh’s Tales. The overreaching success of the first season emphasised the important role that puppetry plays in reaching children’s hearts and developing their imagination and creativity. This has encouraged JCC to continue its mission and produce the second season.”
Uncle Mosleh’s Tales features universal stories, narrated in a simple and creative manner to engage children and fuel their imagination. The show also introduces children to popular folk tales such as The Seven Goats, Beauty and the Beast and The Golden Goose from an Arabic perspective, as well as celebrated Arab stories such as The Crow and The Wolf and The Shoe Maker.
The quality of the show in the second season has improved significantly through a year-long collaboration with leading international companies and TV and puppetry professionals from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Egypt and Iran. The quality and mechanism of the puppets has received great modifications with collaboration with a leading puppets company to enhance the look of the puppets. A team of six talented puppeteers pull the strings to give characters smooth movements as it takes two puppeteers to control each puppet.
Uncle Mosleh’s Tales airs on Baraem throughout Ramadan at 17:30 Mecca time, and re-runs at 21:50 the same day. The show also airs on Jeem TV at 16:15 Mecca time and re-runs at 3:30 the same day.

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