Ooredoo’s Alrabaa makes mall debut

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Ooredoo’s Alrabaa makes mall debut The Alrabaa with children at Villaggio.
1:08 AM

Ooredoo’s Alrabaa (friends in Arabic) made an appearance at Villaggio to spread joy and happiness among people as the company’s Ramadan campaign began.

The Alrabaa, a team of seven playful characters who represent Qatari culture and traditions, spent the day performing good deeds, such as helping visitors carry their shopping bags to their cars and helping them find taxis. The seven friends - Bu Jassem, Khaled, Fahad, Sa’ad, Faisal, Youssef and Nawaf - also delighted children and entertained families.

Fatima al-Kuwari, director of community and public relations at Ooredoo, said: “People have been delighted by the Alrabaa characters and we are keen that they go to every neighbourhood so that everyone can enjoy them. They’re being supported by a team of volunteers, whose efforts are ensuring that everybody has some joy brought to their day by simple acts of kindness.”

Visitors to the mall expressed their happiness at the arrival of the Alrabaa. Jassem Ali, who was at Villaggio with his children, said: “My kids were very excited to meet the Alrabaa. We were surprised to see them when we arrived at the mall; they even helped us carry our shopping bags. It is a great idea from Ooredoo to spread joy and teach children about good deeds with these characters.”

Another visitor, Salha Hassan, said: “I came here with my children to do some shopping and we were happy to see the Alrabaa walking around the mall. It makes me happy to see children’s characters who reflect the culture and traditions of Qatar during the Holy Month.”

The Alrabaa will take part in a wide range of community and charity initiatives, including hospital visits, children’s activities and small acts of kindness across the city. For the next event, they will visit residents of an old-age home on the “Day of Company”.

Ooredoo is also supporting a range of charity initiatives during the Holy Month. The company has created special “Sharing Spheres”, where people can donate items such as books, toys, mobile phones and electronics, sunglasses and spectacles, stationery and medicine for charity.

After collecting the items, Ooredoo and charities such as Sheikh Eid bin Mohamed al-Thani Charitable Association, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), Qatar Red Crescent Society, Al Asmakh Charity Foundation and Qatar Cancer Society will distribute them to the needy.

The “Sharing Spheres” are accessible at Villaggio, Gate 4.




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