Toppers’ passion for engineering and marketing

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 Toppers’ passion for engineering and marketing Mohamed AbdulKader Mushtaha and Abdulrahman al-Sayed
11:39 PM

Mohamed AbdulKader Mushtaha and Abdulrahman al-Sayed, two of the toppers among the male graduates of Qatar University’s Class of 2013 credited their alma mater for providing them with the perfect educational environment.
The Honours Programme students were among the 226 graduates who passed out yesterday. Mushtaha, earned a GPA of 3.92 with Electrical Engineering major at the College of Engineering.
“The reason behind choosing to study electrical engineering emerged from my early childhood. Cutting-edge technologies and technological revolution attracts my attention and my passion in engineering has grown up with me,” he said.
“Qatar University is my second home. It provides us with a perfect educational environment, with all the required equipment and cutting-edge labs. I am eager to pursue my graduate education in electrical engineering and I want to be distinguished in my career.”
Al-Sayed (GPA 3.80, Marketing major at the College of Business and Economics) said though he started his academic journey studying electrical engineering, he later changed the major to marketing.
“I noticed that few Qataris are attracted to the field of business education. I believe that marketing is essential for the future of Qatar, especially as the state is about to establish a new international profile by hosting FIFA World Cup 2022.
“I dream to be a well-known leader who plays an important role in developing Qatar in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. Due to the fact that we faced a lot of challenges during our academic life, these obstacles shaped our academic and personal personalities and strengthened our passion to acquire more knowledge from our distinguished faculty. I have to give special gratitude to my family - and my father in particular as he opened up new doors for me and encouraged me to enter marketing.”

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