Army chief meets Mali’s minister

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 Army chief meets Mali’s minister
11:21 PM

Army chief meets Mali’s minister

HE the Chief of Staff of the Qatari Armed Forces Major General Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah met the visiting Minister of Defence and Veterans of Mali General Yamoussa Camara yesterday.
Discussions dealt with military co-operation between the two countries.

Qatar, Egypt legal ties discussed

HE the Attorney General Dr Ali bin Fetais al-Marri met Egypt’s Assistant Attorney General Hassan Yassin Hassan yesterday. During the meeting, they exchanged views on a number of topics of common interest, notably the issue of funds looted from the Arab Spring countries and ways to boost judicial and legal co-operation between Qatar and Egypt.

Stage set for Goan festival

The Doha Goan Sports Club will organise, for the first time in Doha, the Goan Monsoon Festival 2013, at the Grand Regal Hotel tomorrow. The festival activities will start from 8pm.
The  celebrations include a gala dinner and a musical evening with a live band of the dynamic duo, Aggie & Joyce.  A top Goan music mixer “DJ Venky” is specially flown in from Goa for the occasion.
The evening will be anchored by Johnny and Aarti. For more details, contact: 55807019,  55252098,  55843461


Staff allege shortcomings in hospital’s management

A section of the medical staff at Al Wakrah Hospital has claimed that the hospital is not being run properly, local daily Al-Arab has reported.
According to staff, the shortcomings include the failure to open specialised clinics and surgery cases being “randomly” referred to Hamad General Hospital (HGH), the report said.
Doctors say these factors have made the hospital similar to a health centre, whose task is to transfer cases to HGH instead of reducing its burden. This does not augur well for a hospital that was opened six months ago, they pointed out.
Quoting medical sources, the report said Al Wakrah Hospital has become an example of poor management and negligence. They pointed to the delay in the opening of specialised units and the closure of some clinics to make their point.
According to sources, the hospital conducts only simple surgeries and the general practice is to transfer cases to HGH. They have also tried to find out why the heart clinic remains closed every Thursday, besides highlighting the fact that patients have to wait for long to get an appointment, the report said. The sources also claimed that the clinic serves only nine persons a day, which they said cannot be its actual capacity.


‘Walk More’ at Al Khor  Mall
and Hyatt Plaza on June 22

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) will launch its “Walk More…Walk in Malls” at Al Khor Mall and Hyatt Plaza on June 22.
The events will feature a selection of activities, including a lucky draw, which require participants to complete the new walking circuits in order to enter, free health checks and the chance to win a pedometer.
The launch will take place simultaneously at Al Khor Mall and Hyatt Plaza, from 8am to 10am.
“Walk More…Walk in Malls” aims to encourage members of the community to lead active, healthy lifestyles by exercising within the comfort of shopping centres.  
With this, Al Khor Mall and Hyatt Plaza join Villaggio, where the initiative was launched last weekend. Next in line is Landmark Mall, where it will be started soon.
Dubbed as “healthy malls,” the shopping centres will open their doors to walkers before and after the stores open.
The initiative has been created as part of the AZF’s lifelong programme, “step into health.” Designed to encourage members of the community to walk to fitness, the aim of the programme is for participants to walk at least 10,000 steps a day in a non-competitive, recreational and social way.

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