Ezdan Mall, Shafallah Centre exchange tokens of appreciation

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Ezdan Mall, Shafallah Centre exchange tokens of appreciation Ezdan Mall and Shafallah Centre officials at the event.
10:48 PM

Ezdan Mall and Shafallah Centre for Children with Special Needs lauded each other’s efforts and exchanged tokens of appreciation at a recent meeting.
Malik Awan, general manager of Ezdan Mall, presented certificates of appreciation and stipends in recognition of the contribution of the Shafallah trainees during the Ezdan Mall launch.
“It was indeed heartening to see these wonderful, young and enthusiastic trainees from Shafallah Centre playing an active role in our launch programme. They are truly inspiring and encouraging individuals, and we at Ezdan Mall are happy to provide a platform for some of the qualified trainees to experience a work environment,” said Awan.
The concerted efforts of Abdullah al-Malkie as spokesperson, Mutassim Abdul Latif as security assistant, Rashid al-Kuwari at the reception, Mohamed Iklas in customer service, Ibrahim Atallah as music co-ordinator, Abdellah al-Marri, Khalifa al-Dosari, Said Mahboob, Ahmad Ramadan, Ali al-Safar, Lahdan al-Boaneen and Abdul Rahman were appreciated.
Torrence Royer, on behalf of Shafallah Centre, presented a letter of acknowledgment to Awan for fostering positive social change.

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