East meets West at Siwar Choir performance

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East meets West at Siwar Choir performance
11:42 PM

The concert brought together a large number of musicians.

 Fans of Siwar Choir once again experienced the magic of music at a special concert held last weekend.

The audience enjoyed a harmonious dialogue between two cultures in a two-hour performance of classical songs from the East and the West.

The German MDR Leipzig Radio Children’s Choir, the only radio children’s choir in Germany, also participated in the concert. Sixty boys and girls from the choir joined their peers in Qatar for a special joint performance.

The concert also featured globally renowned guest musicians such as the award-winning artiste and soloist Pedro Eustache, Lebanese pianist and composer Michel Fadel and German soprano Felicita Fuchs. Each delivered a live performance accompanied by an orchestra of 33 musicians led by Maestro Nabih el-Khatib.

Haya bint Khalifa al-Nassr, acting executive general manager and board member of Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC), said: “The concert is a vivid example of Siwar’s vision, which aims to open new horizons for Arab children to discover their rich and diverse musical heritage. The concert will help raise public awareness about the value of our musical heritage and the important role of music in creating a robust cultural dialogue between the East and the West.”

Saad al-Hudaifi, JCC deputy executive general manager and acting director of channels, said: “The love and passion expressed by the new generation of talented children for our musical heritage underscores our commitment to support the choir and provide them with more opportunities to refine and express their talent in public.”


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