Doha is special for me, says top Indian singer

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Doha is special for me, says top Indian singer Udit Narayan and Deepa Narayan in Doha yesterday.
11:56 PM

“Doha has always been a special place for me as it was here that I performed at a concert for the first time outside India,” Bollywood singer Udit Narayan told Gulf Times yesterday.
The popular playback singer recalled that it was in Doha that he made his international stage debut in 1989 and he held concerts four or five times  here since then. Today the singer is staging a music show “Udit Narayan Live in concert” at Old Ideal Indian School grounds from 7pm.
The team  led by Narayan comprises a 22-member orchestra. The singer has promised to entertain music lovers with songs from as many Indian languages as possible.
Narayan is accompanied by three other singers, including his wife Deepa Narayan Jha, who too has many songs to her credit. The show also features a comedy act by Sunil Pal.

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